Warning, this blog post contains opinions. You may be offended by it's contents if you don't understand what theorizing is.

Another update from No Hope Left. These pictures emerged of people engaging in mass praying.

RE6 Praying

RE6 Praying 2

Obviously they are related to RE6 in some way, so I am going to do one of my analysis' that nobody cares about and all my theories are immediately shot down. Thumbs up!

Judging by the ethnicity of the people, it can be assumed that these people are 'in' Lanishang, or at least somewhere in China. The first picture shows the base of a monument of some sort, which has No Hope clearly written on it. There is also some sort of symbol above it. It is possible that this is hinting the events that preceeded the actual outbreak, and it can be assumed we will find this place in the game.

The seconds image clearly shows that there are quite a large amount of people engaging in this praying, and as we can see loads of people running away in China in the original trailer, it could be possible we see these events in game.

Of course, these events in the picture could be nothing to do with the events of RE6 and could be just viral marketing, but as I said, all we can do is think about what they mean.

So, that's my opinions. Feel free to leave comments about how I am definitely wrong and question how I am permitted to write blogs. Also, post what you think.

Thank you for reading if you actually bothered, and I hope you appreciate what I had to say about these images.

900bvThe Spatz Machine 22:33, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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