On the No Hope Left website, a link was posted to an eBay listing for a Ivy University hooded jumper, or Hoody.

Now, this listing is very interesting. Not only does it have a great load of blood on the right side, which is said to be 'slight markings', but it also carries the town/city name of Tall Oaks, the setting of Leon's RE6 scenario. Also included in the listing is a picture of a girl posing in an unstained hoody.

This reveals a few things about RE6 as No Hope Left is an official RE6 site. The design of the hoody clearly states that in, or at least around, Tall Oaks is a place called Ivy University. This may be where the dark scenes early in the trailer could be. The image of the girl in an unmarked sweater shows that this girl must've been attacked for the stains to be there, so who made the listing? One firefish2012 did. I did some searches and found absolutely zilch related to it. Take what you will from it, it's definitely to do with the game.

What is your opinion on this? This is a very interesting piece of marketing, and revealing too.

900bvThe Spatz Machine 21:39, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

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