As you know, I usually post about new information on RE6 and analyze it. Well, today I decided to do something a bit different. I was thinking about the way RE6 could go in terms of story, and I have compiled my ideas in to this blog. Most are random, a lot of them are random, and all of them are stupid.

Idea 1: Sherry Also a Superbeing?

Hear me out, because I have some basis for this. This thought was immediately made when watching the Captivate trailer. When we see Sherry and Jake in the snowy area, the B.O.W., which I will mention in a minute, hits Sherry and sends her flying. As it is pretty much certain that she will survive this blow, does this mean she has the same capabilities as Jake? Wesker had spies watching her while she was under government care, so does that mean that he may of infected her during the events of RE2? I don't know, but it does seem that Sherry Birkin is pretty damn tough for a simple human being. Also, in the scene where some sort of wreckage was flying at her, we didn't see the aftermath. Although I assume it's something to do with Jake saving her and becoming a more human person, could it be that Sherry just protects herself from it. Maybe.

Also, Jakes story is apparently highly melee based, and that will be a bit unfair on player 2 if Sherry isn't.

Idea 2: The HUGE B.O.W.

Now, this idea will probably be a bit 'ugh' for some of you, but I really cant stop thinking about it. My next theory is that this big bugger is infact... Steve. You'll probably be forgiven for sighing at this point, but it's an idea that keeps coming in to my head. With his B.O.W. being a main enemy B.O.W., like Nemesis, and not a sub-boss, it's more likely that he'll get a bit more backstory. With Steve being the only person to revert to normal after being infected, it's not totally unfathomable. Wesker told Chris that he could possibly revive Steve, so he may have done just that. Perhaps he wanted his son dead. Would it be totally unrealistic that the unidentified man with a beard is Alex Wesker and he created this B.O.W. for Albert?

The B.O.W. also has weird mutated hair that looks like Steves.

There, those are my ideas. Enjoy.

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