WARNING: This blog contains spoilers based around the demo leak. Read at your own will.

For some reason people actually read something titled Inexplicable Ideas, so I thought I was permitted to make a sequel. In all honesty, these a more wish-listy, but I think they make some sort of sense.

Idea 1: Ada's 'Helper'

From the demo hacking it seems to be that Ada will have her own campaign, something reported way back in the year by, um, IGN I think. What is interesting is that her co-op partner has been listed as 'Helper'. Good job keeping spoilers out Capcom! Well, even though the snow-woman isn't Ada, I still think this is possible. The helper is Mr. Ustanak. Sure, he's a bit big, and it's slightly nonsensical to make a character that will obviously die playable, but I really think it would be an incredible idea. We haven't seen the real Ada with any main characters yet, so maybe they'll reveal the helper eventually, but for now, I'll keep hoping for this.

Idea 2: The Sheva Rumour

Personally, I'm on the fence about this. While at this point Sheva isn't needed in the story, by the looks of it, it would make sense for her to interact with Chris at some point, maybe just by phone or video chat via Piers. I don't expect her to have much/any impact on the story, but an appearance or two isn't impossible, and it would be quite nice to see what has happened to her since Kijuju.

So, those are my current thoughts and ideas. Feel free to critique/disprove/compliment them. Thanks all.

900bvThe Spatz Machine 15:01, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

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