Well, looks like RE6 is going to be much bigger than first promised. With the news that Ada is getting her own campaign coming just earlier this week, Bloody Disgusting have just posted an article detailing a screenshot showing a fuller campaign selection screen, but underneath Ada, a mysterious 'Prelude' campaign is shown.

RE6 Campaign Screen

Now, I've had a couple of ideas about this.

What I first thought is that this Prelude is the Edonia sections that have already been shown. However, with the Chris demo at SDCC showing Edonia footage in Chris' campaign, this is unlikely. It could however be Jake and his mercenary team, which could give Jake a good bit of backstory, and show why he is a bit of an a**.

Then I thought of something that would be much more incredible. What if the Prelude is a retelling of the Raccoon City incident? It introduced a major player of the the RE series, Leon S. Kennedy, and is one of the key points in the entire series timeline. Sure, they've strenuously denied Claires involvment in the game, but what if this was to trick players. This would be a major shock to all of the Claire fanboys/girls, and more importantly, a major shock to me (Yes, that was a joke). Something even more amazing, and perhaps equally as likely, is that it's a complete retelling of the entire, main, Resident Evil series. That would shoot this game up from epic to god-like.

Something I also noticed, but could just be my RE6 fanboyism acting up, is that next to prelude, there seems to be a downwards arrow. Does this mean there is even more underneath? Unlikely, but still something to look out for.

Sorry if this article came off as overly-confident in RE6, but I've played the demo over and over, and love the feel and mechanics of it, and I already know the story is shaping up to be the most revealing, interesting one of the series, so I have a right to prematurely proclaim it as god.

What do you guys think of this new campaign? Comment below people.

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