Wahey, a new trailer and gameplay has been revealed! I am so excited for this. However, there is already an analysis, so I am doing something a bit different. The official Biohazard 6 Japanese website has revealed brand new information on gameplay. I don't know if it has been mentioned yet, but most of this is pretty nice.

Part One: Melee

So, melee is looking pretty damn sweet in this game, especially Leon's in the gameplay demo. However, it seems that we wont be able to always enjoy this. If Google Translate is to be trusted, it seems there will be a limit to how much melee we can do. This is a direct translation, so it's not gramatically correct, obviously.

"Combat physical gauge was introduced in this work further. Be consumed and do melee action and proximity. Gauge goes to zero, so these actions can not, but care must be taken."

So, what this means is that there will be a melee gauge, and when this drops to zero, you cannot perform any more melee moves. It is also possible it will stop sprinting. This makes sense, as I found myself constantly using melee in Resident Evil 5.

Part Two: Weapon Switching

The translation is quite bad on this part, but I think you can all make sense of it.

"Switching of weapons, can be carried out in the four-way controller. Fast switching's possible. Can also switch not only standing state, even in the state of his back."

This makes minimal sense really, but it does seem that the directional pad will be used to switch weapons. This doesn't necessarily mean that RE5s inventory system will be used though, as it seems that herbs will be used differently.

Part Three: Herbs

This makes a bit more sense.

"Herbs that are stock are displayed with a number in the upper right corner of the interface, one button can be used at any time."

This shows that herbs can be used immediately in the heat of the battle, and also, by the pictures, it seems that taking them isn't via a spray like Chris. Leon, um, snorts them.

Part Four: Cross Over Sections

This is very exciting news.

"The story of our hero Leon, Chris, Jake is not only of each story, proceed while also crossover game play. In the story that the crossover point, serving Co-op play for up to a maximum of 4 people."

Woah, this sounds really awesome. We all know that two-player co-op will be in the game, but it seems here that during the cross-over sections, four people will be able to play at once! I don't know how this would work during the story, as it could mean some people might have to wait for ages, but I have a theory. In the trailer, there are clear points where the stories cross gameplay-wise. What I was thinking is that we will be able to play these parts seperately after we complete them in the main story.

Part Five: Mirroring Zero

This is a bit more hidden in the site, as part of the info on the Leon/Jake crossover, but is very good news.

"Fall in the field plane is capable of simultaneous Co-op play for up to 4 people. In addition, Leon & Sherry, and Jake & Helena, and situations to swap partners."

Do you know what this means? This means in single-player, and possibly two-player co-op, you will be able to switch between which set of partners you use. So in the Leon/Jake boss fight with the big bugger, we can utilize the fire-power that Leon seemingly has, and the melee power that Jake has. I assume this means we can also switch during the sniper support sections with Jake/Chris, and whatever happens with Chris and Leon.

Also, with the Chris/Jake sections, it seems like it's not the only one.

"Crossover here is done in the form of Chris and Piers to support from a high altitude, the Shelley and Jake was in trouble. Form of crossover is not only one, to occur in a variety of situations."

I had to laugh at the 'Shelley' part, but this basically shows that the Chris/Jake crossovers will also come in other forms, rather that sniper support.

Well, this has been my favourite 'analysis' so far, and it actually has proper information! Huzzah!

This link will send you to the translated version of the website.

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