I'd rather not say confirmed, as I don't want to be banished to Resident Evil Wiki limbo.

Well, it seems like we have our first RE6 Achievements leak, and from reading it, I can say that it seems incredibly legitimate. There are a couple of things that threw me off that opinion, but all in all, it seems like this is the definitive list.

As you can see, most of the achievements have icons, and this is what basically shouted out to me "OFFICIAL LIST". They don't look like fan-made icons either, they all look official. Also, the names are light-hearted and jokey, much like in RE5, although that doesn't mean anything really.

The one thing that through me off is that there is one achievement called "They're ACTION Figures!", which was of course the achievement for collecting all action figures in RE5. This either confirms Action Figures will return, or this list is a big pile of poo. You can decide that.

However, if this list is to be believed, then it confirms the new BSAA Embelem things are called Serpent Embelems, there will be moments rescuing civilians that can be seemingly failed, you can fly a VTOL (damn), you have dog tags and titles (presumably like the clan tag/title system from Call of Duty, sorry for the lame series comparison), and that there is a tutorial, which is fairly obviously the Prelude, sadly.

So, shape your opinions on this list. I'm calling official, but I understand a lot of you are anti-not fully confirmed stuff, so have fun attacking the list!

900bvThe Spatz Machine 18:05, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

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