Another day, another stroke of Resident Evil 6 information. This time though, footage is involed! Hooray! To see the new Jake footage, lookie here:

The demo doesn't reveal very much. Tridenter has added some of the new info found in it, and one of the big things is the 'reveal' of the Chrysalid, a repitllian J'avo evolution that looks like Newts from Fallout. They look bloody powerful though, requiring a couple of Elephant Killer shots to kill. You can also knee them in the face.

A couple of new weapons are shown, namely the Bear Commander (an assault rifle of sorts), the Sniper Rifle (looks like a Dragunov) and the Shotgun. Jake manages to hold five weapons (the other two being the 909 and Elephant Killer) in his pockets, which is pretty incredible.

As said, there isn't very many other things that are to be said... except one. This was hinted at the very end of the demo, and it was also confirmed to be in Leon's campaign. This is... the chainsaw boss. Current-gen Resident Evil isn't complete without a chainsaw enemy, and Resident Evil 6 is no exception. It's very different though. It seems to be much more powerful than it's predecessors. No fighting was involved, but I have a feeling that we will get a look at it in an upcoming trailer from Gamescom or something.

So, not a particularly story-driven demo. The other demos we'll get to see is Chris' which apparently involves the huge B.O.W., and Leon's demo which is a direct continuation of the playable demo.

Thanks for reading, and as always, don't kill anyone.

900bvThe Spatz Machine 21:06, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

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