So, another day, another bunch of little information nuggets from the Japanese RE6 website. With the Summer Jam in full swing, I am sure we will see a few good bits of gameplay, aside from the Subway and Ustanak sections, and I hope there is perhaps a small trailer that tells us of a couple of things. Maybe the names of the few new creatures? I dunno, what am I on about. This is what you are here for!

Part One: The Winter 'Ada'

I know I continuously complained about people saying Ustanak was obeying Carla and not Wong, but that was due to the lack of an OFICIAL confrimation. However, the confirmation that the woman isn't Ada is right on the Ustanaks information page.

"Figure has been also witnessed that act together with a woman in the snow Rashiki Ada."

Now, I did a little internet research on the word Rashiki, and it turns out it's contraction of the phrase am shilci, which means 'to be like'. So, from what I can tell, the phrase basically says that Ustanak is working with/for a woman like Ada. So, I can finally stop moaning. Yay.

Part Two: Skill Points

This parts a lil' shorter, but the phrase is fairly straightfoward.

"Skills, the various things UP UP Power reload speed, weapons, and UP, stamina."

While it's in an incredibly poor condition, it confirms that the skill points will be used to improve things such as power (I assume melee power), reload speed, weapons (I assume damage, capacity, etc, like in RE5) and stamina (for doing melee moves, and from what I theorized before, sprinting). I understand the points had a fairly obvious use on revealance, but now the use has been confirmed.

Part Three: J'avo Variants

As we all know, the J'avo transform into a 'different' creature when a specific limb is shot off. However, new computer-generated images give the names of two variants. They are known as the J'avo Ruka-Srp and the J'avo Ruka-Khvatanje. We all know J'avo means Devil in Serbian, but I tried my best to get a good translation from Google. Ruka-Srp, bafflingly, translates to about hand-lip. My opinion on what this means is that it acts the same way as the Plaga B from RE4, meaning it can devour your head. Ruka-Khvatanje is a bit easier to understand, as it translates to about hand-capture. This transformation was witnessed in trailers, and it means J'avo can grab you and pull you towards them.

I would embed pictures, but I am too lazy. Also, my computers pretty slow, and I can provide a link instead.

So there we go, a whole load of new stuff from the Japanese website. There is also a new section called 'action', but it's all in pictures and can't be translated. However, it looks like it is only about the dodging/rolling mechanics we know about. Hopefully, eventually, the other new creatures we've seen (snake thing, new giant) will be put in the creatures section at some point.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and all it had to offer. Remember, if it't valid to you, stick it on the pages. I am too scared too. I would also like to say I have pre-ordered the UK Collectors Edition of RE6, so if anybody wants an unboxing in three months, I will be happy to.

As promised, here is a link to the translated website:


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