Since this is my first blog, I might as well make it an introduction to who I am. My name is Tommy, fifteen years old, and I live in the United Kingdom. Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking, you lot, ("Oh! A 15 year old? Here? We can't allow this! He's still an immature child on this site!"). You're probably thinking all that "bla-bla" nonsense but before you start thrashing down your judgment or prejudice against my relatively young age I should expand on my introduction. I am a very wise and intelligent for my age. I do indulge in my interests which are video games most frequently throughout the week. I enjoy literature in my own time and the inclusion of many references to Franz Kafka in Revelations 2 have, in my eyes, provided me with an open "goldmine" of real life lore from the influential figure, and I plan on studying his works in my own time and buying a collection soon.

As for my diet interests, I don't really go on diets, for I have a good metabolism and so can eat a lot without being concerned about my weight. I don't just fluently ignore this however, and I do consume a few healthy foods here and there. I love Italian food the most, for I believe they have produced some very delicious meals; pizza and of course, pasta, being two of these examples. I own a pet, a cat of Calico descent, and she is nice and pretty and is always a form of escapism if I am feeling distressed. I actually don't like the part of the UK where I live and I might move country when I'm in my mid-to-late twenties. I need to get some momentum first before I do so.

I am extremely intellectual, as said, and have many good grades that exceed the expectations of peers and teachers alike. I most frequently enjoy History itself, not just Modern or Ancient, but both. I also enjoy English literature and am studying the socialist play An Inspector Calls at the moment. I do not enjoy Mathematics or Information Technology and I truly believe they are Satan's abomination. I suffer from Visual Snow Syndrome and am half blind technically, only being partially sighted in my left eye. I suffer from anxiety and self esteem issues in public, but that does not stop me from living a healthy nice lifestyle. I am beginning to write short stories in my own time and I owe Franz Kafka a huge favor. I haven't drank coffee since last August merely because I felt like it was keeping me up at night so I only drink tea now. My father is an avid D.I.Y/gardener and loves everything to do with producing things in the outdoors, while my mother is a stay-at-home mum. They're both retired so they occupy their times with menial hobbies but I feel like they're alright. Just tensed up for having to do menial bread jobs when I'm older which I don't approve about.

My music taste is wildly varied and I usually enjoy Pop, Rap, RnB, and some parts Classical. Currently though I'm hooked on Azealia Bank's album Broke With Expensive Taste. Her vocals are just extremely good but she's not everyone's cup of tea. My parents enjoy music from their generation which is, of course, fair enough when you think about it rationally. Resident Evil games I enjoy are RE(make), RE2, RE3, RE Revelations, RE4, RE5, and RE Revelations 2. RE4 and REMake are my favourites, however.

So, what about you guys? I don't know you a lot.

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