• A Lonely Nomad

    I heard resident evil 4 was being remastered in HD... :D

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  • A Lonely Nomad

    I once had RE5, lost it and now want it back. I dont remember a single thing about the storyline, and had some questions.

    1 Is it worth keeping the "basic" weapons on the first playthrough? (M92F, VZ61 etc)

    2 Which bosses should I fight, and which should I run from?

    3 Any points in the story where I can farm money/ammo?

    4 Which weapon should I upgrade first?

    5 Any points in the story I should save ammo/health packs for?


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  • A Lonely Nomad


    January 16, 2011 by A Lonely Nomad

    Hey there guys, Im nomad and I had a few questions regarding Afterlife.

    1 What is the song used at the end of the film?

    2 How did the zombies in LA become infected with type two las plagas?

    3 How did an executioner majini make its way to LA?

    4 How does Wesker control the dogs without a master plagas?

    5 How the hell can wesker be on the ship when he was destroyed in the volcano?

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