The Resident Evil 4 was my much awaited game, right after finishing one of my favorite Resident Evil Game Series, Resident Evil 3 (I also like RE2). Fortunately, I manage to have the game, althought it is just very recent, knowing that this game existed for quite a long time. I don't mind being late and outdated about the game. I am satisfied to be able to play it since it casted few of my forever favorite RE characters, Leon and Ada. Even though te game is so slow on my laptop, I never mind it very much, for as long as I enjoy the game and I am playing the game. However, just recently, I began to have the worst situation ever--I never got to play the game anymore because I've been encountering problem in playing it.

I am not that too far until the end of the game. I am still in the mid-part of chapter 2, just manage to save Ashley from the church. But when I arrive at the cabin, the part where I've encountered Luis for the second time, and we are locked inside the cabin because of swarming non-zombies ouside and tried to infiltrate the cabin, it suddenly stopped, it hangs, to be precise. I don't have a clue what causes such casualties. And every time the game stops,even returning to desktop, it's impossible. Even task manager. And so what I did is to wait for my laptop to run out of batteries. So that I could open it once more.

On my first encounter with this problem, I thought that the next time I'll try to play the game, it'll be alright, since I also once encountered similar problems, such 'hanging' of the game. But I've tried to go back to in the gae but it happens all the time. My game stops at the cabin. Now I am frustrated and depressed because it seems that I couldn't continue the game anymore. That really pisses me off and kills me.

I really don't have a single clue why it happens. IS there any problems with my laptop per se? Or system? Help me please. I am dying to play the game again.

Thanks for those who'll try to help me t any means. ^_^

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