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  • AlbertWesker2468

    Resident Evil 6 is out and has sparked global success and is well on its way to becoming best selling Resident Evil game of all time. With the Mercenaries returning, something has caught my eye. This mysterious Mercenary character is no where to be found within the game. Some people say that he's a modded character and some people have said that its a actual character you can unlock by "Unlocking every single character and thier costumes". Some people have attempted this and has been classified as fake. Is this a fake character?, will he be released as DLC in the near future?, has he even been announced by Capcom?. Who do you think he is, Fake or Actual Character?

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  • AlbertWesker2468

    Judging by their name, they are a obvious reference to the Umbrella Corporation. But what do you think thier true motives are. Some people say that they are trying to resurect Umbrella, but i think that they are a terrorist group who are aiming to cause a global pandemic. Derek C. Simmons seems to be the leader of this mysterious organisation as he intends for all major citys to suffer from a bio-terrorist attack. He is also the presidential aid to the deceased Adam Benford, so he has all the power in the world to perform such actions without anyone suspecting it was him.

    But thats what i think, whats your opinion on them, what do you think there true motives are?

    Another theory i'm suggesting is that they could be the mysterious organisatio…

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  • AlbertWesker2468

    Judging by the trailer, the game looks AWESOME :D. We will hopefully see the return of the classic "Survival Horror" in Leon and Helena's story. Chris and Piers story is going to be another RE5 :( but whats Jake and Sherry's going to be like?

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  • AlbertWesker2468

    I want capcom to push forward the release date to sometime in summer. i can't wait any longer

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