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    In Resident Evil 6, you'll play one of four campaigns that generally speaking share a common goal, eradicate a new virus known as the C-Virus. While the overarching goal is the same each campaign has it's own objectives but they intersect at key moments. Divided up into four campaigns, will this game make you want to, much like the giraffe on the cover, blow yourself.. away? Let's find out.


    The first thing players will notice is that graphically the game looks gorgeous, everything from the lighting effects to the textures to the slobber dripping off of the mouths of voracious zombies, it all looks great. The level of detail is pretty extensive as well, you'll notice enemies reacting to exactly where you shot them, and much to my…

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  • American Morality

    Wow! Yesterday (4/10/12) was a good day for us RE fans, ey? We got a lot of new info over a Sony fuck-up. Let's discuss this shall we? lol

    • The mercenary is connected to the series by being Wesker's son
    • His name is also Jake Muller.
    • The blonde is Sherry.
    • You can choose any characters campaign you want to play in any which order.
    • New HUD.

    Please add on in the comments if I forgot something.

    Also there is a antagonist who may or may not be new. A lot of other gaming media sites are calling her Ada but are their sources on how so. I did see something interesting on RoH, it was a leak from January stating all of the characters, and it seems to be trust worthy. It consisted of eight names the following being.

    Leon S. Kennedy

    Helena Harper

    Chris Redfield


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  • American Morality

    What do you think the future of Resident Evil should be? New characters? New story? New gameplay? I would love for all of the above. The over the shoulder is getting kinda stale. I think after RE6 Resident Evil should get a makeover.Kind of how RE4 started the over the shoulder POV maybe we could get a Uncharted, Tomb Raider-esque gameplay. Like wouldn't being able to jump be awesome? xD. Also, the story is getting old too. We have been on the same crap for like 5 years now lol. And CAPCOM manages character placement terribly. We are getting too much Chris and too little Claire. The characters are getting old, and it concerns me. I don't want to be playing as the characters from "RED" the movie. They need to step down and let newbies take …

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    Hey all, I'm here regrading the "Resident Evil Outbreak File #3" petition. In order for capcom to even consider such a thing we need at least 10,000 signatures and we currently have 8,207 (Kinda Close!) Anyways, if you could be so kind as to letting your signature for this cause it would be greatly appreciated! Also state what improvements you'd like to see if they did make it and a personal comment. Thank you so much! Here's the site:

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