In Resident Evil 6, you'll play one of four campaigns that generally speaking share a common goal, eradicate a new virus known as the C-Virus. While the overarching goal is the same each campaign has it's own objectives but they intersect at key moments. Divided up into four campaigns, will this game make you want to, much like the giraffe on the cover, blow yourself.. away? Let's find out.



The first thing players will notice is that graphically the game looks gorgeous, everything from the lighting effects to the textures to the slobber dripping off of the mouths of voracious zombies, it all looks great. The level of detail is pretty extensive as well, you'll notice enemies reacting to exactly where you shot them, and much to my delight, bits and pieces will fly off of their reanimated corpses accordingly. The level design is where I had my first problem, from an aesthetic standpoint they're great. But in terms of actually being to explore them, everything felt a little too scripted sometimes. Aside from the graphics, another positive this time was the sound design. The musical ques were done very well for the most part, though the this-is-a-scary-moment-be-scared sound got a little old after awhile. The sounds for the firearms were also pretty excellent and pretty much nothing beats the sound of a zombie's head popping from a well-placed shot or a curb stomp. If I'm talking about sounds, I have to mention the voice acting which was also very well done.


Much of the criticism that came from the last Resident Evil title was that it wasn't a survival horror game. Super hardcore fans of the franchise will be pleased to know that one of the campaigns (Leon's) definitely has some survival horror elements to it. While the I-thought-that-guy-was-dead-but-he's-really-not scare was overused, there was some genuinely scary moments. The creep factor was definitely high... at first. Even through the creepy moments, there are somethings that take you out of the survival horror experience. I remember Resident Evil having a pension for ever the top, I don't however remember Leon doing moves straight out of WWE. At around the halfway point of Leon's campaign we see more and more action until it reaches it's high pitch, and the game never really turns back from there. Is it really a bad thing? I personally love it when games evolve, otherwise it's just the same game with updated graphics (all of the Call of Duty games.). A big thing going into this game was moving and shooting, the issue became really hot when ORC was released . But in this game they've reached a happy medium. From that we have walking and shooting! I think it works great keeping the suspense of having to stop and shoot while, allowing the realism of being able to move and shoot. The addition of actively being able to dodge things was also welcome to me too. Once the game becomes a full on action fest, in the following campaigns nothing changes. So if you're someone who was in love with survival horror I'd recommend playing Leon's campaign first as his really eases you into things. At the same time his ending also feels the most... climatic, so if you can deal with the action, I'd also recommend saving his for last of you want to end your main experience on a very fulfilling ending. Many people will complain that the game isn't true to Resident Evil, but rather than whine for nostalgia's sake, I think we should look at the rest of the game and consider it for what it is, a great third person shooter. In the last half of Leon's campaign, and the other three you won't be creeping around many mansions. But you will fight some of the most grotesque monsters you've ever seen with some excellent mechanics. In fact, Resident Evil 6 does some things as a third persons shooter that I thought were not only good, but subtle and genre expanding innovations. Another thing that I kind of didn't like was the cover system, if you were aiming by a wall it'll latch you onto the wall and that messed me up a few times. But I do like how the screen blurred and wish more games would implement that mechanic. My biggest complaint about Resident Evil 6 would have to be the boss fights. While most of the boss fights were epic... looking, I found them a little too formulae. Most of the case it was do-the-same-thing-over-and-over-again-for-ten-minutes-until-something-good-finally-happens. Also there is no real indication until towards the end of a boss fight that you're actually beating it. I don't mind no health bar, but the infected you're shooting should show some overt signs of wears and tear.

Multiplayer/Additional Modes

In terms of multiplayer, literally the whole game can be played as two player co-op, there are even some parts where you can link up with other players for some four player action. In addition to the campaign though, there's Mercenaries Mode in which you kill as many enemies as possible within an allotted time limit. Nothing really has changed about Mercenaries, but with the tanks controls gone, it makes the mode all the more enjoyable. The other mode we have it troll-other-players-while-they-try-to-beat-the-campaign-mode, I mean Agent Hunt mode. I have to say, going into this mode I was not expecting much but it was actually pretty fun and it felt GREAT to be the one to tear Leon's throat out and drag him off screen. The controls aren't the best for the creatures, but it makes up for that in it's sheer enjoyability. The good knows for people that don't like trolls to join their game is you can turn Agent Hunt mode off before you begin. But that's not fun, just keep agent hunt mode on. Let me into your game. You know you want to. pls.


In summation, while only a small portion of Resident Evil 6 contains the survival horror that we all know and love, the remainder is still a wild, fun, over the top, (albeit too over the top sometimes) third person shooter with lots of memorable moments. The only problems for me were the sometimes repetitive boss fights and the somewhat clunky cover system. But in the end Resident Evil 6 is a great expansion to series that delves deeper into the lore we all know and love. I give Resident Evil 6 a 9/10.

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