What do you think the future of Resident Evil should be? New characters? New story? New gameplay? I would love for all of the above. The over the shoulder is getting kinda stale. I think after RE6 Resident Evil should get a makeover.Kind of how RE4 started the over the shoulder POV maybe we could get a Uncharted, Tomb Raider-esque gameplay. Like wouldn't being able to jump be awesome? xD. Also, the story is getting old too. We have been on the same crap for like 5 years now lol. And CAPCOM manages character placement terribly. We are getting too much Chris and too little Claire. The characters are getting old, and it concerns me. I don't want to be playing as the characters from "RED" the movie. They need to step down and let newbies take charge. But they should be some way related to the original characters.

Resident Evil 6

While I'm in a blog might as well kill two birds with one stone, lol. I would LOVE for Ada to return. She always brings this feisty sass with her, and right now RE6 is looking a little glum. Also Claire, I don't know how but she should definitely be in it. I also think Chris should either die or retire as same for Leon, because they have been hogging the RE universe and no one has been able to get some face time because these divas are in the way. I believe the blonde woman is someone we will like. I also think Beards will die. He just seems so extra and unnecessary. Kind of like a new Sheva.

Thank for reading and sound off in the comments :) All opinions are mine and I am entitled to them.

ALSO ...

Regarding Claire's appearance's, I don't wanna hear that "She's just a civilian" crap lol. Just take Code Veronica for example. It shows how if need be she can take the situation into her own hands. CAPCOM hasn't reused I guess because she hasn't really been a big seller and is rather a treat to nostalgic fans.

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