Chrysalid with Ruka-Khavatanje

Chrysalid with Ruka Khavatanje

This is the most intriguing happening in my gameplay...

What is this thing?

How in the world is this happening?

Let me tell you the story

When I was looking for emblems at Shopping district (Chapter 4) I was playing as Sherry and I shot all the J'avos arm with a Sniper Rifle and Bear Commander lately when two J'avo's went near me and accidentally fire recklessly on the two with Triple Shot and guess what, a second ago they're transforming into Chrysalid.

Is it really possible that a J'avo with a mutated body part can still undergo a Chrysalid state or it's just a Bug?

I swear these are not Photoshopped or edited or whatsoever, the time these ran after is that they have Ruka-Khavatanje.

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