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  • I live in Anaheim Hills,California, U.S.A
  • I was born on October 18
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Female
  • Atomic yawn

    So I see Jill isn't in Resident Evl 6 and I guess we wont see her anymore. What do you think?

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  • Atomic yawn

    Im sure you have a Dream Resident Evil Character, so lets hear about it!





    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:



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  • Atomic yawn

    Just like everyone esle who are fans Resident Evil, they have a favorite City's, Monsters, Hero's and Villians. But what if you had a chance to make your own dream RE game. Who would be your hero's? Who would be villians? Where would it take place and what monsters would appear?

    The Hero(s):

    The Villain(s):

    The Monster(s):

    The City(s):

    THe Story:

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  • Atomic yawn

    Hi, I'd like to talk about the Outbreak Characters (Cindy, Yoko, Jim, Alyssa etc.) and thier absece in Operation Racoon City, and see if anyone feels like they should've been in he game, since:

    1. They were current from the moment of the outbreak, to the bombing

    2. They where traveling throught the INTIRE CITY

    3. And that they were in at least 2 of the same bulding the U.B.C.S traveld to (The Police station? and the Hospital)

    And I would also like to see if there is any possible answers to Abcense as well. Thank you!

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  • Atomic yawn

    1. Who is Your Favorite Male Hero Character(s)

    2. Who is Your Favorite Female Hero Character(s)

    3. Who is Your Favorite Male Villian(s)

    4. Who is Your Favorite Female Villian(s)

    5. Who is Your Favorite Minor Charcter(s)

    6. Who is Your Favorite Overall Character(s)

    7. What is Your Favorite Resident Evil City(s), or Town(s)

    8. What is Your Favorite Resident Evil Game(s)

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