A recent Resident Evil Revelations trailer introduced a new character, Rachel. See the trailer itself below.


Based on this trailer, a Kotaku article questions the direction that Capcom's series is taking recently. Here's a bit:

Is it me or is Capcom getting lazier with its creation of minor characters in its Resident Evil franchise? I got absolutely no sense of Rachel's character, only discovering that she has a pert ass, a fine pair of norks and an impractical haircut.
I think the fact that her hair covers roughly three quarters of her face speaks volumes about Capcom's intentions for her purpose in the game: namely the presentation of some tittie-action to the audience.
You can't even see her eyes, further suggesting that she's not meant to be engaging or interesting as a character, merely a light distraction.
I think it's pretty laughable that in a game that's supposed to feature horror as a core dynamic, a new character has the vast majority of her face hidden. The face. You know? That little area that expresses emotion? The area that registers reactions to things that might be considered terrifying or, at the very least, a little bit spooky?

What do you think? Does the commenter have a point, or are they just exaggerating? Anyhow, Resident Evil Revelations is coming to the Nintendo 3DS next year.

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