• BSAA agent503

    Okay, I just seen a spoiler on Youtube, saying that Chris meets up with Wesker, and guess what he says? So you ARE alive

    Wesker replied with ease, saying that the last time they meet is at Spencer mansion... what the? Isn't Spencer mansion accident occurs on July, 1998? Didn't they met up at the Rockford Island back at the end of 1998 before their showdown at Antarctic facility?

    The other problem is remember when Jill and Chris attacked Umbrella main HQ at Russia? it was around year 2003, after Chris rescued Claire from Antarctic, right?

    And Jill died sometimes at 2006?

    Now comes to the real problem... they say it's best to believe RE5 will begin where RE4 left off and there is a proof of that when Chris mentioned the Kijuju people act like Ga…

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