Ok, so I have been thinking alot about William Birkin since the release of ORC, after reading Annette's letter to William on the Annette Birkin page and then playing Resident Evil Zero right after. Personally for me I don't think he is that bad of a guy. I know he took part in Marcus's murder. Aswell as experimenting on a unknown number of people (Lisa included.) But alot of umbrella employes did the same. Prior to mutatiuon I don't think he himself actually physicaly killed anybody. I also don't think that he and his wife's neglect of Sherry should also mark them as bad people (alot of parents have very busy schedules and don't get to spend time with their kids as often as they should
RE Birkin2
, although maybe not to the extent of the Birkin's.) As stated I wouldn't think of him as a bad guy, but I wouldn't give him the title of being a good guy. I would list him as a man obessed with his work and let it get the best of him. That do you guys and gals think?

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