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  • BlazeSeed366

    Since both Chris and Jill are playable in both crossover games, Project X Zone and it's upcoming sequel Project X Zone 2.

    I have a fanon fic called Powers and Fists: Operation Time Zone which is based of the actual game. Instead both characters in their Revelations outfit, I made both Chris and Jill wearing in their current appearance of the game. Chris in his Lanshiang outfit and Jill in her Resident Evil 5 in Wesker's Control but being aided by Frank West from Dead Rising in his primary outfit rather than the ones he wore in the actual crossover game looking for team partner, Hsien-Ko. I was happy that other readers read my fic and I have 11 favorites and 3 follows. If anyone is interested reading it here's the link and it's the sequel to…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    The Rage Virus

    May 9, 2015 by BlazeSeed366

    I don't compare between this game and the movie. SInce this game involves about viruses which can mutate or transform into a zombie and other deadly creatures. But this virus is much grueling than a normal zombie or a C-Virus zombie alike. The Rage Virus.

    In the horror British movie series, 28 Days Later until 28 Weeks Later.  The Rage Virus is developed by either American or British scientists that modifies the Ebola virus with a combination of the reverse influence DNA which is similar in how they developed the Progenitor virus before developing the T-virus in the game with the same Ebola virus. These outbreaks started with Raging Chimps and Apes on humans in 28 Days Later and later other uninfected humans in 28 Weeks Later by an infected…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    In the previous RE games, Claire's iconic look was a long auburn hair in a style of a high ponytail until in Revelations 2 before she was hospitalized as well as riding a motorcycle as a biker to find her brother Chris.

    In the near end of Episode 4 in post Sushestovanie Island after she was hospitalized, she cuts her long auburn hair to short hair which resembles Alanis Morissette's look in her "Eight Easy Steps" music video before it retells all of her previous music videos in her previous albums and returns to the island to save Barry, Moira and Natalia from a further mutated Alex. Therefore, she now rides an SUV instead of riding motorcycles due to her job as a TerraSave member.

    What do you think of it, guys? I just hope someone is gonna …

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Ever since my brother plays Resident Evil 2, I starting to be afraid when I see some character gets devoured, incapacitated or more likely being decapitated by somebody else or villains in this game. As you know I have a fear of blood when I see people being decapitated by anyone else or in horror movies.

    Resident Evil 2

    So far for me either Leon or Claire being devoured by zombies especially from other creatures as well as giant alligators can bite you down in a bloody pulp.

    Resident Evil: CODE Veronica

    According to youtube user Spiderman1697, I saw how he let Chris being burned to death by Alexia Ashford in her first mutated form.

    Resident Evil 5 and it's updated ones:

    In Youtube user, XAshe05X, when he plays the game most of the time, he allo…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    We all know that the Redfield Siblings, Chris and Claire have different fighting styles within the game series. Unlike the previous games, they rely on using firearms to kill zombies or other creatures.

    Chris' fighting style is more focus on the punches as everyone mentions that he is a brawler type. Unlike both Leon and Jill who are also focusing on kicks, Chris can fight with punches even a more modern brawling style of fighting as seen in his appearance in RE5 where he pulls a combo on his nemesis, Albert Wesker. In Marvel VS Capcom 3 and it's his updated ones, he now uses a punch and kick combos as well as his combat knife abilities and different firearms. One of his Hypers is slashing his opponent with his combat knife several times al…

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