In the previous RE games, Claire's iconic look was a long auburn hair in a style of a high ponytail until in Revelations 2 before she was hospitalized as well as riding a motorcycle as a biker to find her brother Chris.

In the near end of Episode 4 in post Sushestovanie Island after she was hospitalized, she cuts her long auburn hair to short hair which resembles Alanis Morissette's look in her "Eight Easy Steps" music video before it retells all of her previous music videos in her previous albums and returns to the island to save Barry, Moira and Natalia from a further mutated Alex. Therefore, she now rides an SUV instead of riding motorcycles due to her job as a TerraSave member.

What do you think of it, guys? I just hope someone is gonna put a picture of Claire's new hairstyle her Rev2 appearance which is six months after her recovery in the hospital on her character profile and also I posted in her development section about her new look and also her new voice actress turns out to be a guy called James Baker rather than a female voice actress like Alyson Court did previously as it reveal in the final credits of Episode 4. Well, good luck commenting on this... :D

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