Ever since my brother plays Resident Evil 2, I starting to be afraid when I see some character gets devoured, incapacitated or more likely being decapitated by somebody else or villains in this game. As you know I have a fear of blood when I see people being decapitated by anyone else or in horror movies.

Resident Evil 2

So far for me either Leon or Claire being devoured by zombies especially from other creatures as well as giant alligators can bite you down in a bloody pulp.

Resident Evil: CODE Veronica

According to youtube user Spiderman1697, I saw how he let Chris being burned to death by Alexia Ashford in her first mutated form.

Resident Evil 5 and it's updated ones:

In Youtube user, XAshe05X, when he plays the game most of the time, he allows either Jill or Chris to be decapitated by the Axemen. In the entire game, he commits many mistakes, is either Chris or Sheva being decapitated by any types of Majini, the cutscenes and Albert Wesker manages to decapitate Chris with a straight blow. The most interesting death scene when either of the two are unable to save Jill from Wesker's control as you let her be killed from your weaponry which leads into "You're Partner is dead" instead of Sheva being killed by her.

In Resident Evil: Revelations 2 the latest game, so far... Only one gamer let Claire being mincemeat from the booby traps when her partner Moira is delayed to turn off the traps.

To avoid watching these grueling scenes in the game where it was posted on youtube, just skip the scenes so that you don't want to see them being decapitated.

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