Since both Chris and Jill are playable in both crossover games, Project X Zone and it's upcoming sequel Project X Zone 2.

I have a fanon fic called Powers and Fists: Operation Time Zone which is based of the actual game. Instead both characters in their Revelations outfit, I made both Chris and Jill wearing in their current appearance of the game. Chris in his Lanshiang outfit and Jill in her Resident Evil 5 in Wesker's Control but being aided by Frank West from Dead Rising in his primary outfit rather than the ones he wore in the actual crossover game looking for team partner, Hsien-Ko. I was happy that other readers read my fic and I have 11 favorites and 3 follows. If anyone is interested reading it here's the link and it's the sequel to Secrets of the Pandora's Box.

I currently made another fic called Powers and Fists: Next Warp Zone which is based on the sequel's actual game. Since Chris and Jill are playable in this sequel. I have many changes on both of them despite Jill is playable in the game. Jill is not present at my story and she will be replaced by Chris' younger sister, Claire in her Sniper outfit in Revelations 2 due to what happened to her in Post-Kijuju. Since Leon is now playable in the crossovers as a solo unit, he will be partnered with Chris along with Jake Muller to save both Claire and Sherry at the hands of the revived Neil Fisher in his mutated state and The Red Queen from Revelations 2's Raid Mode. But being aided by Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter since this game is a crossover. Their segment is based on Revelations 2's Raid Mode where both Chris and Leon are playable in the game.

In every segments during travels, they go to other worlds to meet other characters in different games. Here are the changes for their segment in my current crossover fic.

1. Chris' abilities are based on both Resident Evil 6 and his incarnation of Marvel VS Capcom 3.

2. Jake also gains most of his father's move as well as his incarnation where he is playable in Marvel VS Capcom 3.

3. Both Leon and Claire had the same fighting style of using kicks. Since Claire demonstrated in her game appearance in Revelations 2.

4. Sherry can handle herself in a fight as well as wielding the stun rod like she did in Resident Evil 6.

For their outfits in their segment since both Chris and Leon are wearing their primary outfits in Resident Evil 6 which is both Lanshiang outfit for Chris and Tall Oak outfit for Leon.

Both Sherry and Jake are in their Lanshiang outfits in their ending and Claire in her sniper outfit in Revelations 2 in her six months appearance.

What do you think about this, guys...? You can give me ideas by comments. :D

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