I don't compare between this game and the movie. SInce this game involves about viruses which can mutate or transform into a zombie and other deadly creatures. But this virus is much grueling than a normal zombie or a C-Virus zombie alike. The Rage Virus.

In the horror British movie series, 28 Days Later until 28 Weeks Later.  The Rage Virus is developed by either American or British scientists that modifies the Ebola virus with a combination of the reverse influence DNA which is similar in how they developed the Progenitor virus before developing the T-virus in the game with the same Ebola virus. These outbreaks started with Raging Chimps and Apes on humans in 28 Days Later and later other uninfected humans in 28 Weeks Later by an infected human. However, Andy and his mother Alice are the only characters does not gain the symptoms like the others and became as carriers of the virus due to heterochromia.

The virus cause them to become a raging zombie with red eyes when being infected by an fellow infected it will immediately infect in seconds after bite not just in the entire game which it will infect before reanimated into a zombie. However, Don becomes infected with the virus after he kisses his own wife who becomes the carrier of the virus with her saliva. Raging zombies are violently attack the uninfected and similar to zombies in the game where they can infect a human by biting them in other parts of the body. Like most zombies, the virus gives them cannibalistic cravings and their mental state is similar to that of the Afflicted where they can torture and abuse. In their case, they use bare hands to kill and incapacitate other people violently as seen when Don was infected by his own wife and kills her with his bare hands by gauging both of her eyes and goes on a rampage to kill and infect the soldiers. They are also to gain high intelligence where they can run and escape the bombardment. 

They have a lot of movies involve with viruses. So feel free to comment this :D

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