We all know that the Redfield Siblings, Chris and Claire have different fighting styles within the game series. Unlike the previous games, they rely on using firearms to kill zombies or other creatures.

Chris' fighting style is more focus on the punches as everyone mentions that he is a brawler type. Unlike both Leon and Jill who are also focusing on kicks, Chris can fight with punches even a more modern brawling style of fighting as seen in his appearance in RE5 where he pulls a combo on his nemesis, Albert Wesker. In Marvel VS Capcom 3 and it's his updated ones, he now uses a punch and kick combos as well as his combat knife abilities and different firearms. One of his Hypers is slashing his opponent with his combat knife several times along with several firearms that ends hitting them with a rocket-propelled grenade. In RE6 his latest appearance, he has a combo of punches but it depletes his stamina when it was used and also has a CQC where he can easily decapitate his opponent from their necks.

His younger sister, Claire however her fighting style is similar to Leon's fighting style in RE4 in her latest appearance in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

In the Darkside Chronicles we can now see how Claire fights by countering her opponents by slashing them with her brother's combat knife and knocking them with a knee.

In Revelations 2, her fighting style is focused on kicks just like both Leon and Jill when she takes down her opponent with a roundhouse kick or making a sneak attack from behind during her story in Episode 1 with the same movement.

To be continued...

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