In Youtube the 1-4 episodes of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is revealed within the episodes every week.

On the First Episode of the trailer it would be the gameplay within both Claire and Barry's campaign prior to this trailer and there's a scene where Moira shows their monitor cuffs from their captor probably her father, Barry.

In the Second Episode of the trailer, we can see Natalia thanked Barry for helping her until she meets with both Claire and Moira and they show their monitor cuffs to her which is the same cuff she wore which she befriends both of them and acts as sisters.

In the Third Episode of the trailer, We can see both Claire and Moira jump to avoid the explosion while Barry tries to look for her daughter.

In the fourth and final episode of the trailer, not like the video about the villain theory in this game. The mysterious character who talks to Claire and Moira back during her campaign is in fact a unknown long blonde haired female bioterrorist who experiments on humans who turned into an Afflicted and other creatures in the Prison Island and she was shown getting a virus similar to the T-Virus where she used to experiment someone with the virus and pointing the picture of the late bioterrorist Albert Wesker during her experiment procedures. 

If anyone does not know about this then you can watch this at this trailer.

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