• Bryam23

    Ok well there is a python ban going on and if you could sign this petition to stop the ban it would be very much appreciated. I apologize if im not allowed to post this and mods just delete, and if you dont like snakes please dont comment hateful things.Also im new to the forums i liked RE for a very long time

    Here are the steps (if you want) to help the pyhons ‎1-Go to
    2-Scroll down to where it says "We the people" and click where it says "Get started now"
    3-Click where it says "Open Petitions"
    4-Find the one that says "Overturn the Python Ban" and click on it
    5-Create an account to sign the petition ... 6-Check your email to confirm by clicking the link they sent you.
    7-Click on "Sign this Petition"

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