So for the next Resident Evil game, I was thinking that it could take place on Stewart Island and Campbell Island near New Zealand. In this game, it would a whole bunch of new characters and none of the original characters would be in this one. The main character would be Staff Sergeant Clifford "Cliff" Price of the U.S. Marine Corps. The main antagonist would be Dr. Brandon Shaw. Umbrella is involved in this game and a bio-terrorist group called Group 191 is also involved. The creatures would be the Pursuers (Nemesis-T Type), both the types of Lickers, dogs, zombies, and all the types of Tyrants. In this game, Staff Sergeant Price leads a marine team alongside and Navy SEAL's team. Both are sent to these islands to destroy the outposts and facilities on the islands that are creating more of the Pursuers and Tyrants to create an army to take over the world. Though the character never meets Dr. Shaw in this game and never will any other game if it happens. A clone of Albert Wesker, Umbrella Security Serive Officer Jacob Knight does in the next game. Later in the first game, you are betrayed by Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Ben Cooper, who is really a U.S.S. Under Cover Operative.

For the next game, it'll take place in Plymouth, England. You'll be Command Sergeant Major Thomas Brockway of the U.S. Army Rangers. You're allies will be Chris Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, and Jill Valentine. Though they'll be allies through certain parts of the game. You'll also be allied with other Army Rangers and CIA Operative Adrian Robinson. You're A.I. allies will be the British who are just using military vehicles to take out the undead and B.O.W.'s. You're character is sent to Plymouth to find out where Umbrella's new location is. You'll run into Pursuers and Tyrants along with zombies and lickers. The main antagonist of this game will be U.S.S. Officer Jacob Knight. You'll also fight U.S.S. Omega Team as well. Your character does live after the fight and leaves Plymouth with the location being in Vancouver, Washington. When you're character leaves, a bomb is dropped on Plymouth, destroying the B.O.W.'s. And you learn that all your allies were there to assist you along your way and distract the B.O.W. army. Chris, Jill, and Rebecca make it out alive along with everyone in Bravo Squad.

In the third game, you'll be playing CIA Operative Luke Mitchell. The only ally you'll have is your handler, Aidan Cox. In this game, you'll be going solo. After being in the city for ten minutes, the outbreak happens. People turn into zombies and B.O.W.'s are unleashed. You'll be fighting the U.S.S. guards as well. You'll also fight U.S.S. Officer Jacob Knight again, but only for a short time. You'll also run into Ada Wong, but she isn't much of any ally since she's only there to take care of personal matters. You're mission there is to destroy the secret Umbrella facility and destroy everything about the viruses. You do make it out alive and learn that Umbrella has another location and will have to head out there. It's in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

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