Ok so it seems like all the old voice actors are being dropped now. Ada has ALWAYS been voiced by Sally Calhill in her numbered games and darkside chronicles. Recently she was voiced by a different women in RE Umbrella chronicles but that was temp. Now she is voiced by Courtenay Taylor in RE Operation raccoon city, RE6 and RE Damnation... Im worried because this might lead to claire getting recasted. Nobody else can do a good claire. Claire needs to always be voiced by Alyson Court. But im worried that whatever the next appearance of claire might be, she might get recast. We were lucky to have Alyson Court voice claire in RE Operation raccoon city, but now it might change. How would you feel about this? What if Claires next voice appearance is voiced by someone other then Alyson? I would be very sad. Claire has always been my favorite RE character. The voice, her bio, all of it is just perfect for me. Nobody else would do a good claire.

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