Ok, this is my first blog here, but im wondering... Use your fan fiction minds and tell what you think happened to all these characters.

Kevin, Mark, Jim, George, David, Alyssa, Yoko, Cindy and Linda.

Ok, i will go first.

Kevin: As shown in outbreak 2 ending, he left on a motorcycle somewhere towards the sun. Im thinking he went and made a family.

Mark: He reunited with his family and moved out of the country. His son became a high ranked soldier.

George: He became a high praised doctor, and is working with other doctors who previously worked for umbrella to create cures for all viruses.

Jim: Jim became a pro Basketball player.

David: He became a ladies man somewhere.

Alyssa: ( i really believe this happened ), She became part of an anti umbrella act and joined forces with Yoko and Linda to take down umbrella. Alyssa with rage toward umbrella for causing her friend Kurt long ago to die in the raccoon forest, and caused her hometown to be destroyed in the outbreak, she sought revenge, and went to court with linda and yoko and testified againced umbrella.

Yoko: (read alyssas)

Linda: (read alyssas)

Cindy: She bought a house.

Extra: Im thinking we MAY see these characters again... Something tells me the house cindy bought in outbreak file 2`s epiloge may be inside Tall Oaks from RE6... Lol. Sorry cindy...

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