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    Hi everyone on this blog i want talk about resident evil retribution connection with the game okay.

    first i know you guys do not very like RE movies i Understand becausse they ruin the stories and the chracthers like chris redfield became so pussy and naive,jill more rude and little bitchis,carlos more look like arabian instead mexican,and well except wesker,in hte movie he more cool then in the game.

    What i want to talk about is capcom make the face character in game is more look like in the movies.

    1.wheen they chosse wenworth miller to become chris redfield in afterlife chris face in the game RE 5 chance drasticaly from RE Remake & Umbrella Chronivles to be more look like Wenworth miller.

    2.Carlos I DOnt Know.

    3.Leon Because The Rumours Is …

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  • Chrisredfield5443

    hi guys it's been a while since my last blog.i'm just finished the revelation games.

    now i want to ask you all about resident evil 6 because i'm miss the news.'s that true the mecenaries guy is hunk or alex wesker,wich one ?

    2.The Blonde Girl Is Sherry But That Still My Prediction How AAbout You Guys Do You Know Who She Is?

    3.they say the virus is not t-virus but t-abbys from revelations is that right?

    4.are leon and chris will meet and fight together?

    5.who the antagonist jessica,ada,helena,or sherry?

    that all my question thank you.

    ps:how about the damnation huh? i never heard news about that movie maybe cancelled :(

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  • Chrisredfield5443

    Capcom Said It Gonna Be Reboot And It Suck Guys.

    Perhaps, Though The Whole "Chris And Leon" Rumors And Theory Has Been Going Around For A Few Games, Now, Since The Popularisation Of Leon In Resident Evil 4 And Degeneration.
    Also The Theory Of Rebecca and Billy Again, But Since Billy Was A Convic Sentenced To Death, He Might Moved To Mexico Or Canada, But He Mentioned Capcom Might Get Him Back In The Game.But My Source Always Told Me Not To expect Things From Capcom Anymore. I Do Trust Them,Since They Told Me About JILL VALENTINE Will Return In resident evil 5 in 2008 As Antagonist,While The Other Thought It Was Ada or Sherry Or Rebeccca Or Even Steve,So Pretty Much,I Count On Every Word They Said.SoIim Just Going To Wait For Revelations,Chris…

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  • Chrisredfield5443

    Ooze That The Main Creatures Of This Game What Kind Creatures It's That It's Like Zombie/Regenerator Thing.

    What Place It Took Some Trailer In Arctic,Some In City,And Some In Ship.

    One Of The Trailer Shown Jill Battle Infected Fish In Underwater,So We Will Fighting Creatures When We Swimming On Underwater.


    The First Trailer Of The Resident Evil Revelations Shown Guy Like Chris Sit On The Chair.

    Are There Posibility That Guy Is Alex Wesker?

    Please Comment.

    Peace Out!!!

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  • Chrisredfield5443

    Milla Jovovich Said There Will Be A New Creatures Beside Zombie And Some Ganado/Majini Creatures In Resident Evil Retribution.

    This Is The List Of The Creatures Who The Rumour Is Will Be Appear In Resident Evil Retribution.

    1.Licker (Confirm)

    2.Hunter (Maybe)

    3.El Gigante (Maybe)

    4.Ganado/Majini/Las Plagas (Confirm)

    5.G-Creatures (Not Sure)

    6.Uroboros (Not Sure)

    7.T-Virus Or Plagas Infected Animal (Maybe)

    8.Crimson Head (Not Sure)

    That All Creatures I Heard Will Appear In Resident Evil Retribution Some I Belive Some Not

    So What Do You All Think?


    PEACE OUT  :)

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