Hi everyone on this blog i want talk about resident evil retribution connection with the game okay.

first i know you guys do not very like RE movies i Understand becausse they ruin the stories and the chracthers like chris redfield became so pussy and naive,jill more rude and little bitchis,carlos more look like arabian instead mexican,and well except wesker,in hte movie he more cool then in the game.

What i want to talk about is capcom make the face character in game is more look like in the movies.

1.wheen they chosse wenworth miller to become chris redfield in afterlife chris face in the game RE 5 chance drasticaly from RE Remake & Umbrella Chronivles to be more look like Wenworth miller.

2.Carlos I DOnt Know.

3.Leon Because The Rumours Is Jansen Akles Will Potray Leon In Retribution Capcom Keep Leon Face In ORC,But Because Jansen Akles Is Not Avalaible The Chance To Johan Urb Like Chris Capcom Leon Face Drasticaly From RE 4,DC,ORC,Even CG Movie TO more ugly Face Who Looks LIke Johan Urb.Am I Right?

3.Jill Face More Look Like Siena guilory in ORC.

4,Only Claire Not Have Big CChance To Her FAce Only IN CG MOvies.

well that's my opinion What About You Guys.

Note:WHen Damnation OUT?

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