I Have Another Question For You Guys.Whos Gonna Be The Antagonist In Resident evil 6.

And I Just Have The Candidate For It.

Candidate Reason
Alex Wesker Because He/She The Next Wesker Children.
Sherry Birkin Because She Have G-Virus In Her Body And Want Revenge To Claire Because She Never Visit Her.
Veltro Because They The New Bioterrorism And Want To Destroy B.S.S.A.
HUNK Because He Work For Umbrella And He So Mysterious,I Bet He Will Be The Next Enemy.
Leon Scott Kennedy Just A Rumour I Heard From The Internet He Will Be The Next Antagonist,But Thats Just A Rumour And I Hope Just Rumour,But If Thats Rumours Real I Will Never Want Play RE Games Ever Again.

So Who Do You Think?

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