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  • Clearshot01

    Fight Scene

    April 26, 2012 by Clearshot01

    OK, this message specifically goes out to MeglovesJessieJ, ParallelTraveler, JackKrauser2, Shadomega7569, JordanaBrewsterFAN, REfanist, Magpiie and xconduitx14. Guys, I've gotten to the big fight in the fic, it's going to be one on one between each member of each side. I was wondering if you wanted to write your own fight scene for it.

    The pairings are as follows:

    • Me vs Meg
    • Chris vs Marco
    • Meadhbh vs Para
    • Riley vs Mag
    • Claudius vs Reaver

    anyway, if you want to write your own fight scene, email it to me at and I'll make sure it gets into the fic.

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  • Clearshot01

    As some of you may remember, I said I'd be practicing my drawing over the weekend. Well, I've got a couple of pics drawn, and I'm working on some more as I write this. I'll upload the pics onto my profile when I finish them and get home from work, and I'd really appreciate some feedback. Don't care if it's positive or negative, I'd appreciate it either way.

    I was working on making my own comic, but I cancelled it cause my mom got really upset when she saw the first page. Right now I'm working on an MLP fanfic, but I still can't think of a title for it. I'd appreciate it if anyone could hit me with some ideas for it

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