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    Resident Evil 6 Review

    November 15, 2012 by Comicbookpayne

    I've played all the games in the Resident Evil series with the exception of Code Veronica, Revelations and some of the spin-offs. And I can honestly say that while I enjoyed some better then others overall I love all the games including Resident Evil 5 which was easilly the most criticized of the series up untill now. I had very high hopes for 6 going in, and for the most part it delivers but there are some flaws that I feel could have been easily avoided.

    The Plot-

    We've heard about global bio-terrorism in previous games but I feel like this is the first RE to really showcase it. Having the action take place not just in one place but in different locations around the world really does a great job of showing the player just how serious and w…

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