I've played all the games in the Resident Evil series with the exception of Code Veronica, Revelations and some of the spin-offs. And I can honestly say that while I enjoyed some better then others overall I love all the games including Resident Evil 5 which was easilly the most criticized of the series up untill now. I had very high hopes for 6 going in, and for the most part it delivers but there are some flaws that I feel could have been easily avoided.

The Plot-

We've heard about global bio-terrorism in previous games but I feel like this is the first RE to really showcase it. Having the action take place not just in one place but in different locations around the world really does a great job of showing the player just how serious and wide spread the threat this time around really is. The story here is much more action movie style then any of the previous games and it really fits quite welll.

The primary antagonist confused me a bit at first and you can't fully understand her origin and goal untill you've finished all four campaigns. And while I'm sure this was intentional I did feel like it was a bit awkward at times for the main characters to not know themselves what was going on. The new B.O.W speices The J'avo are an interesting threat but it's really the Zombies that steal the show in the enemy department. Their drooling shambling masses are always creepy and a blast to shoot. Just going to show that you can't beat the classic monsters.


I'll start with the good and that's that the aiming and shooting controls are still some of the best in the third person shooter genre. Running and sliding is awesome no matter how many times you do it and it actually proves useful in certain situations. Moving while shooting (which is new) works well, you would never guess it was the first game in the series to feature it. You won't find yourself desperately hanging on to your few remaing bullets here unless your either a horrible shot or completely blind because there is ammo EVERYWHERE in this game. Which is good since you'll be doing a whole lot of shooting. The campaigns are pretty consistantly great, each one goes for a diffrent feel. With Chirs you have the military, raid feel of kicking down doors and clearing rooms. With Leon we get a little more of a classic RE2 type of feel. And The Ustanak's relentless pursuit of Jake and Sherry make their campgin feel totaly diffrent from the others.

Mercs is back once again and it's the best here that it has ever been. You have many characters to choose from all with different loadouts that you can really build a strategy around. It is dissapointing that unless you preorderd there are only three stages to unlock which is pretty lame but for those with the money the DLC will be along soon.

Now the not so good. My biggest complaint here is the camera which is far to close to the character's back if you're going to be doing such quick movments. This is a common complaint hence Capcom's attempt to remedy it with the update in December. The real time menu isn't doing anything for me either. If I'm playing alone, offline, why do I have to use a real time menu? The cover system is frustrating and just short of horrible. If cover based shoot outs is going to continue to be a thing in RE this really needs to be fixed.

All the campaigns are pretty great but Ada's feels like a bit of an after thought. There's not as much story going on and even though there's five chapters like the other campaigns it feels much shorter. There's also an extreamly forced stealth aspect in parts that the controls don't really work with. Head over heels body slam attacks are hardly stealthy yet that's Ada's trademark attack when behind an opponent. All that being said her campaign isn't bad, it just could have been better.

And finaly the new Agent Hunt mode. In Agent Hunt you invade other players campagins and, playing as various B.O.W.s try to kill them. On paper this sounds fantastic, and it should be. But there are some major problems. The least of which for me were the controls, which for most of the creatures are pretty bad. That being said when things work together right it's pretty fun. But this is mode that would have worked MUCH better as a mercs type mode. Or better yet if it had been intergrated with mercs. Why this wasn't obvious when they were making the game is beyond me. Because most of AH's problems come from the fact that you're in another players campaign. So everytime they reach a checkpoint or the end of a chapter you're kicked from the game. This really cripples the modes potential and drains it of almost all of it's fun.


I think Resident Evil 6 goes after a whole lot and succeedes for the most part. It drops the ball on a few aspects but a real RE fan is going to easily overlook these flaws.


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