• CrimsonCerberus

    This looked a little different than the other blog post with videos so I thought I would share it:

    Includes Leon, Chris, and Jake demos by Capcom Unity

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  • CrimsonCerberus

    Hey guys. I know this doesn't exactly talk about RE, but it does have to do with the wiki community as a whole.

    I'm more of a reader and blog commentator here and thus I get around to seeing user profile pages from time to time. Several profiles have quite a lot of personal information: personal photos, full name, location, birth date, the names of family members and pets, detailed pasts, long lists of interests, etc., etc.

    Call me paranoid, but it doesn't take much to pull someone up online. It's usually even easier for someone looking for you online to pull up someone you know and/or find you via your acquaintances; their accounts and posted data then can become a flood of informaton about you.

    I know several members of the RE Wiki community…

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  • CrimsonCerberus

    (Whoo, first blog post.)

    Assuming the three scenarios are seperate, and there are three, which would you start with? Chris? Leon? Or perhaps Jake?

    As I don't play the games (for the most part), I'm not too sure...Jake's seems interesting, though, because of all the revelations and intrigue it will surely bring. But Leon's really seems to harken back to the older games, and surely has its own twists and turns...

    Chris' I kinda feel will be more actiony, so I'm not as interested in it, but I'm probably wrong, haha.

    But yeah, I guess I'd go with Jake's. How about you?

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