Hey guys. I know this doesn't exactly talk about RE, but it does have to do with the wiki community as a whole.

I'm more of a reader and blog commentator here and thus I get around to seeing user profile pages from time to time. Several profiles have quite a lot of personal information: personal photos, full name, location, birth date, the names of family members and pets, detailed pasts, long lists of interests, etc., etc.

Call me paranoid, but it doesn't take much to pull someone up online. It's usually even easier for someone looking for you online to pull up someone you know and/or find you via your acquaintances; their accounts and posted data then can become a flood of informaton about you.

I know several members of the RE Wiki community are rather young and perhaps lax about sharing information about themselves, but I really suggest you be careful about what you share, even if your location somehow makes it less of a concern. At the very least, you can easily be posed as by another; the more you share, the more accurate another's portrayal can be. And you'd be surprised by where your info can pop up other than where you originally shared it.

I can somewhat talk about this from experience. Within my old group of online friends I was able to pose as most any one of them without detection simply because I paid enough attention to remember just a fraction of their pasts and their mannerisms when talking through text. We all knew one another for roughly the same amount of time yet they couldn't see the differences I could, and thus they could not tell the difference between me and the real person. This was me just having a little fun with them and showing them how easy it could be, but I don't doubt I could have used it for misdeeds and such.

It's understandable, nigh inevitable that you will share a growing amount of personal information online over the years, but please be aware of what you post, what is made public, what your friends reveal, and where information about yourself is available.

Take care.

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