I've seen a lot of comments about Wesker being dead and that's the end of him. But if you remember the last time Wesker died, he ended up coming back in code veronica (granted he injected himself with a virus before he got impailed). If you recall Wesker has always been at least 2 steps ahead the entire time. In RE 5, Wesker started to act a lot more insane near the end. I've seen Wesker in all the other RE games he was in, and he was never that insane or wreckless. The only reason i think Wesker was that wrecksless was that the Wesker in RE 5 was nothing more than a copy of him. That's my opinon. If you want to share your opinion about Wesker, leave a comment. If you're gonna leave a comment that says Wesker's dead and that's it, don't even bother commenting at all.

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