• Cyber-warrior82


    September 5, 2012 by Cyber-warrior82

    I am young scenario writer and a great fan of the series of games Resident Evil. I want to proffer for Your attention my scenario, which can complement well the common story of this series of games.

    My scenario explains some vague moments, related to Albert Wesker and Ada Wong, namely:

    1) What Albert Wesker did during the nightmarish events in Raccoon City?

    2) How he became the mutant and got the superhuman power?

    3) What Ada Wong did before the meeting with Leon Kennedy at the subject-matter of Resident Evil 2?

    4) How she pulled through from the underground research station of «Umbrella»in Raccoon City?

    I hope You will like my scenario (I beg pardon for possible errors of the translation).

    Resident Evil Backside of nightmare

    At first, the row of v…

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