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    Two new gameplay vids have arisen, which are of the demos that PS3 users will be getting in September. By watching the videos, we can confirm that the PS3 demo is indeed updated from what we've previously seen at E3 and the Xbox demos. And it seems Jake's not the only one with a recurring enemy...



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    Demo Discussion

    July 3, 2012 by Cyberote

    Not sure if there's a blog about this yet or not.

    Ahem.... the demo has gone live and I am downloading it right now. I'll be sure to post my views later when I'm done with it... which may be a while :D

    The demo is confirmed to be the E3 demo, which includes all 3 characters which makes me extremely happy to say the least.


    I played the crap out of the demo. I played through each characters scenario at least 3 times. It takes a while to get used to all the controls and the new feel of the game, but after that it's pretty fun. One of the coolest things I saw was in the options menu. You can actually switch back to the RE4 and 5 laser pointer and not the new one with the dot. You can also change the color between red, blue, green, yellow and…

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    Sorry, but the vids don't have any in-game audio for some reason, but it's better than nothing.

    Chris Part 1:

    Chris Part 2:


    Interesting notes:

    Chris is apparently smoking again and he's also taken up drinking as well. We get to see Piers flip out on Chris, though sadly we have no idea what he's saying. Chris also has a pretty cool move where he picks up a J'avo and throws the SoB lol

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    Just a few videos I made that make fun of the way Leon says "okay" in the one cutscene. I place "okay" in a bunch of cutscenes where I thought they'd be funny. That's about it lol

    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

    Episode 3:

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    I just did some thinking about RE6 and realised something. Albert and Alex both took the same expirimental virus and both survived. Albert's eyes turned yellow and red as a side-effect. There's a lot of people (myself included) that are thinking the new guy in RE6 is Alex. If this is so, then why aren't HIS eyes also yellow and red? His are a grey-ish color.

    So who could it be? HUNK? He's been the lone survivor in multiple missions. Could it be because his blood has an immunity? The character in the trailer DID say that he was better off as a mercenary. But why would he take off his mask and become a main protagonist this time around? HUNK's more of a background character. Not to mention he looks the same age as he did back in 1998. Even yo…

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