I feel like only a few people care about the announcement of RE6. I've found a few other people on here who are awaiting it's debut in 2 more days. God dammit I'm so anxious to see what's going on in this one! Who's going to be in it? Claire? Rebecca? Big Barry Burton? A new character? The speculation is driving me crazy. The past two nights I've been having dreams about it. A while back I had a nightmare that Leon was the main character again XD. Not to diss any Leon fans, but he got a major spotlight recently. RE4 was huge, then he got Degeneration and next year he's getting Damnation.

Whoever the main character is, I just don't want Chris, Jill, Sheva or Leon. Leon got RE4, Chris and Sheva got RE5, and Chris and Jill are getting Revelations. I just want to see the return of an old character who hasn't been around lately. What do you guys think?

Also I believe Alex Wesker will play a part in RE6. It would be a bit strange for a character other than Chris and Jill to take on Alex since they were the ones who found out about him/her in the first place, but oh well. Perhaps the main character of RE6 could come in contact with Alex and inform Chris and Jill of his/her location and motives. I dunno. Speculation is always fun.

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