Not sure if there's a blog about this yet or not.

Ahem.... the demo has gone live and I am downloading it right now. I'll be sure to post my views later when I'm done with it... which may be a while :D

The demo is confirmed to be the E3 demo, which includes all 3 characters which makes me extremely happy to say the least.


I played the crap out of the demo. I played through each characters scenario at least 3 times. It takes a while to get used to all the controls and the new feel of the game, but after that it's pretty fun. One of the coolest things I saw was in the options menu. You can actually switch back to the RE4 and 5 laser pointer and not the new one with the dot. You can also change the color between red, blue, green, yellow and pink. Interesting stuff. Also the aiming reticle is optional.

You can play the game with the character on whichever side of the screen you're on. You can switch it on the fly by clicking the right stick and baddabing. Though it's annoying being switched back to the right side after a cutscene when playing as Piers, Helena and Sherry.


Ustanak is a bit of a bitch even on the low difficulty of the demo, which I find quite awesome. He really does remind me of Nemesis. Hand-to-hand isn't as horribly bad as I thought it would be. It's quite useful and doesn't really feel that out of place. I thought Sherry was going to use hand-to-hand like Jake, which had me a bit disappointed, but she actually uses a stun rod instead.


It was nice to finally hear that whole bar scene. It was pretty interesting. Despite everyone's criticism of Chris's scenario being too militaristic, you DO run out of ammo pretty quickly. The cover system is pretty cool and it makes sense. You can do it nearly anywhere unlike RE5 where you can only do it in certain places. They also work with Piers's sniper role and they give him a pretty cool sniper rifle, which can switch to black and white thermal view with the press of the Y button.


Leon's scenario was pretty boring, but it picked up towards the end. The atmosphere was pretty creepy and that's what gives me hope. Leon's scenario will surely remind you of the good ol days in Raccoon City. Dark corridors, messes everywhere, not knowing when something might jump out at you. The demo was pretty much just focussing on that. Leon can dual-wield with the press of the Y button but it looks really weird. Only one of his guns has a laser pointer, which isn't a bad thing, but it just looks weird. Every shot alternates guns, so it's not like Code Veronica where you shoot both at the same time.

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