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"According to a new rumor in circulation, Capcom has handed over Resident Evil 6 development to a western studio.

California-based studio Spark Unlimited is now working on two projects, one of them being “a breakout game based on an established console franchise,” and the other “a bold new take on 3rd Person Action/Horror.”

Dig deeper on the firm’s site, moving on to its jobs page, you’ll see a position now opened for lead designer. However what adds fuel to the fire is that Hoshiko Oyamatsu who was VFX designer at Capcom for over a decade moved to Spark Unlimited.

With all the speculation going around, the developer had to clarify by either denying or confirming. It said via twitter: “We are creating the game for the publisher. They call the shots in all regards for the game. We just offer our developer opinions.”

“Spark is the developer. We are concerned that we deliver the game. The publisher delivers the fan demand as they think best,” it said in an earlier tweet. And also that it could “neither confirm nor deny what we are working on or whom we are working with.”

If Capcom starts trying to appeal to Western gamers, RE6 will end up being filled with stupid, unneeded action sequences, huge unneccesary explosions and guns out the ass. Wait... we already get that in RE4 and 5. Perhaps this is what RE needs? Capcom certainly isn't doing the series much justice as of late. Then again, this is just a rumor.

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