I just did some thinking about RE6 and realised something. Albert and Alex both took the same expirimental virus and both survived. Albert's eyes turned yellow and red as a side-effect. There's a lot of people (myself included) that are thinking the new guy in RE6 is Alex. If this is so, then why aren't HIS eyes also yellow and red? His are a grey-ish color.

So who could it be? HUNK? He's been the lone survivor in multiple missions. Could it be because his blood has an immunity? The character in the trailer DID say that he was better off as a mercenary. But why would he take off his mask and become a main protagonist this time around? HUNK's more of a background character. Not to mention he looks the same age as he did back in 1998. Even younger maybe. He looked 30 something in his epilogue and 20 something in RE6. doesn't make much sense.

Could it be Steve? We originally were told he was dead, but in the Darkside Chronicles when Chris and Claire come back, his body is gone. It is said that Wesker had him in his supervision. Was it to extract the T-Veronica sample or was there something else? And it could make a bit of sense that he'd team up with Sherry (if she really IS Sherry). Both of them had their parents taken away by Umbrella, both were infected with some sort of virus and both were taken by Wesker or someone affiliated with Wesker.

Only time will tell, but my suspicions if him being Alex are starting to dwindle.

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