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    I have always thought that if I was in a zombie related apocalyptic event that it would be better to be alone or in a very small group, this is for many reasons, such as that the undead are attracted to the living, so it would only make sense that a single person or very small group would attract less attention, but there are benefits to being in a group better protection as well as the emotional aspect to survival as humans are social creatures and can suffer from the effects of being alone for too long, but there could be complications to being in a group such as food in an apocalypse there isn't going to be very much food avalble and nobody wants to go hungry there are other problems but perhaps less than if you where alone, being alone…

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    It has come to my attention that there is a flaw in the ideology that a bullet through the brain will kill a zombie, my reason for thinking this is that a zombie only uses a very small portion of the brain, thus a bullet through the forehead wouldn't be that likely to kill a zambie unless the shock wave created by the bullet traveles through the tissue of the brain damaging the active part of the brain but that may not even result in the death of the zombie becuase there have been people who have survived headshots often with brain damage but a zombie really doesn't have that much to damage.

    In my opinion the only ways to kill a zombie is a bullet through the abdullah oblongata or in sniper slang the apricot aka the nerve center of the brai…

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    Hey fellow fans I have been pondering what the future may hold for RE and after going over what little info I could find on RE6 I have come to the conclusion that the RE franchise may finaly be reaching it's end, how many more times can there be a viral outbreak in a city, how many more viruses or parrasites can there be, the idea of an organisation bent on some dark desire to be more powerful is getting old and although the "Family" is a possible and likely protagonist of RE6 it would be unwise to start a war with them as was done with Umbrella.

    The best way I can think of for keeping the RE series alive would be to have some serius twist's this of course may reqiure some drastic changes and although I don't like it this may mean killing …

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    If I had to be paired with any character from the RE series I would probably have to pick either Leon or Claire, they would be far less likely to leave me behind because I couldn't keep up the pace.

    I believe that Leon is moraly guided or at least moreso than Chris, I feel that Chris wouldn't view me as much of a priority and that if I my atempts to defend my self failed he would only put so much effort into assisting me, the situation would have a strong effect on this.

    As for Leon, he would probably try to keep me alive for as long as possible but let's face the truth I would probably get killed anyway it would just take a bit longer with Leon.

    What character would you choose to be paired with? It can be any of the main characters good or e…

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    OK heres the RE survival situation you are neer the outer edges of any of the city's from RE series, enough time has past that there is no panic, the city has past that point, you are the leading member of a four person group of surviver's, you are equiped with of 45.caliber handgun with no extra ammo, your friend Dave has a shotgun fully loaded with eight aditional shots in his bag as well as handgun, the third member Josh is aquiped with a submachine gun with one aditional clip, he has military experiance and worked as a helicopter pilot, but has a wounded leg as a result of being caught in a cross fire, this slow's his ability to run, and number four Julia who is Josh's sister has no weapons but has been biten and infected, the o…

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