OK heres the RE survival situation you are neer the outer edges of any of the city's from RE series, enough time has past that there is no panic, the city has past that point, you are the leading member of a four person group of surviver's, you are equiped with of 45.caliber handgun with no extra ammo, your friend Dave has a shotgun fully loaded with eight aditional shots in his bag as well as handgun, the third member Josh is aquiped with a submachine gun with one aditional clip, he has military experiance and worked as a helicopter pilot, but has a wounded leg as a result of being caught in a cross fire, this slow's his ability to run, and number four Julia who is Josh's sister has no weapons but has been biten and infected, the only thing she has are the keys to a news helicopter.

The helicopter is your objective unfortunatley it only has enough room to tightly fit three people, the obsticles in the path that lies ahead are great the streets are starting to fill with the undead and there is little time to waste so best get there as quick as possible.

What would you do, who would you leave behind?

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