I have always thought that if I was in a zombie related apocalyptic event that it would be better to be alone or in a very small group, this is for many reasons, such as that the undead are attracted to the living, so it would only make sense that a single person or very small group would attract less attention, but there are benefits to being in a group better protection as well as the emotional aspect to survival as humans are social creatures and can suffer from the effects of being alone for too long, but there could be complications to being in a group such as food in an apocalypse there isn't going to be very much food avalble and nobody wants to go hungry there are other problems but perhaps less than if you where alone, being alone has it's advantages such as very quick travle as well as a greatly decreased need for supplies, but there are some problems with being alone you would have to be very careful to avoid being overwhelmed by large numbers of the undead and stick to steathier tactics in order to survive, another thing that is in a way a positive is no emotional attachments, a group of people would likely suffer loses at one point or another this would have a very strong negative effect on the group which depending on the individuals of said group could drive the members of the group apart or it could bring them together, personaly if your alone and you make a mistake your chances drop pretty quick but at least if you die only you die, in a group you make a mistake you have better odds depending on how big the mstake is of fixing your mistake but if you can't you kill not only your self but others as well, and if you survive you have their deaths on your concious.

There are countless variables I could have listed, far fewer for the being alone option, I guess would rather be alone maybe in a small group, but I have ranted long enough already so I will give your eyes a rest, as always with my blog posts your opinions, ideas and responses regardless of if they agree or disagree are all apreciated.

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